It’s not often that I actually write about me, but I thought a list of things you perhaps may not know about me might be fun. Or put you off from coming back here ever again, ha.

1. I once met Tony Hart on the set of Hartbeat, watched him film a scene where he chats to Morph and he drew me a picture of a panda (which has since been lost. All the crying emojis)
2. I am very apathetic about my job, but I do love where and who I work with.
3. I bloody love a drink. If I could go out for cocktails every week I would. I don’t drink at home though, unless we have friends around.
4. I have the worst memory. I can’t remember anything. Names, dates, things to do for work, things that happened in the past, all are sketchy. It makes me concerned what I’ll be like when I’m old.
5. I always lose arguments. I can never put my point across or debate (until I think of a counter argument a few days later).
6. There are literally only about five people I can talk to and be truly myself and be a bit more of the person I want to be. Sometimes I am funny! Sometimes, just sometimes, I am able to articulate what I am feeling. But it’s really frustrating not being able to chat to friends how I would like, but that’s because…
7. I have major imposter syndrome. I never think that people would actually want to be friends with me, like surely we’re hanging out because our kids or husbands are friends? Or we’ve just known each other for so long that they’re just being polite. I pretty much stopped blogging earlier this year because I wondered what the point was, everyone does it way better than me.
8. I’d quite like to be vegan but probably won’t because a. cheese and b. I live with a carnivore.
9. I excel at procrastination. It has taken me HOURS to write this post!
10. I am possibly the messiest person you could ever meet and really struggle to see mess around me. It drives Dave crazy.
11. All houseplants will eventually die at my hands. Although, I’m really, really trying hard to look after my monstera.
12. I miss having a cat in our lives so much that I dream some nights about a homeless kitten arriving at our house.
13. They say as you get older you become more right wing, but I’m turning more left.
14. I wish I were more creative and talented (don’t we all?)
15. I think eating fresh tomatoes is the grossest thing ever. They are the devil’s nads!

Right, that’s me, what about you? What things do people not know about you?


  1. Hi Charlotte, nice to get to know you better. We actually have quite a bit in common so would probably get along like a house on fire and not notice the mess together! Although between us we’d probably forget when and where we were meant to meet! Blogging is my way of being me, I feel relaxed putting words down, but am not so relaxed around people too, to be honest, I find them exhausting…. As for writing blog posts, it takes me ages too, which is why my mid-week post has not been published this week!… The only thing I’d have to agree to disagree on is that fresh tomatoes are the devils’ nads (I did laugh)!… And don’t ever stop blogging because you doubt yourself! Your blog is as good as anyone else’s and it’s yours!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC


  2. I love these “get to know me” posts. I also live with a carnivore, but would love to eat more vegetarian – there is no way I could give up cheese either! Impostor syndrome – is that a real thing? Because I have that too! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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