It’s a rare thing where I get some time off alone to myself. If I’m not at work, I’m looking after Betsy. This week however, I have three days off. It feels a bit odd to have hours to do exactly what I fancy (after the initial feeling of terribly guilty that I was leaving, abandoning even, Betsy in nursery) but I have managed to fill my first day, mostly with food and coffee, and it’s been a lovely breather and break for me.

I started the day at Caravan Kings Cross. Kings Cross is changing big time at the moment (it probably changed years ago, but I only just noticed) and just north of the station is a creative hub (University of the Arts is based here) and foodie heaven with street food galore, plus a lot of the old warehouses in the area have been converted and stand against shiny new buildings and public spaces (Granary Square, next to Caravan, is full of water fountains that can be walked though. Betsy will love it and I can’t wait until the summer when I can take her).

Kings Cross warehouse

The food in Caravan was divine, service friendly and the coffee good. A great start to the day! Plus I noticed a stack of high chairs and baby changing facilities, so child friendly too, which is always a big thumbs up for me.


Next, a visit to the Geffrye museum in Hoxton. It’s basically a fascinating look at a series of front rooms throughout time. It’s free to visit and well worth it.

Geffrye museum


They have a garden that’s open from April that looks lovely, so I am looking forward to returning!

By the way, do you see my reflection in the mirror in one of the photos above? Do you notice my awesome new haircut? I got it done at Rockalily Cuts. Gotta have a bit of pampering on a day off (oh, and they’re brilliant. I love my new cut and I loved visiting the salon)

Then more food. Ramen at Wagamamas (I’ve not been there in years and it was like seeing an old friend again) and coffee at Nude Espresso.



I found Nude by using the London’s Best Coffee app (although I realised I’ve walked in front it dozens of times in the past) and the cappuccino was very, very good indeed. Will be back. (The app by the way is brilliant. I had only heard about it recently through This City Life London. Thank you for the tip, Laura!)

Tomorrow I think I am going to nap a lot and potter around the house and do a bit of packing in preparation of our imminent move, but Thursday I am back in town again and visiting the Roy Lichenstein exhibition at Tate Modern. It’s going to be a very, very nice mini holiday indeed.


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