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Oh, hello! Do you notice anything new around here? I hope so! I’ve updated the appearance of this blog a bit as it was in dire need of a lick of paint. Do you like it? It is by no means perfect, but I’m rather pleased with it. If anything this whole process has taught me an awful lot about Photoshop and I feel very proud of myself that I’ve achieved this *gives massive pat on the back*. Do let me know what you think of it or if there is anything that isn’t working or looking quite right. The interesting thing I’ve found with working on this redesign is that I’ve been so focused on the redesign of the blog, I’ve let the actual content of the blog a bit by the wayside (like totally failing to reply to any of your lovely comments, sorry). Oh the irony. But now this is done (bar a bit of tweaking) there is so much coming up! There’s a competition that people with babies are going to love, I’m hoping to feature more crafty things (because if there’s one thing this blog does is give me an impetus to do more interesting things for me and the family) and food and try to make Cheery Things much more of a regular thing as that seems to go down well.

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