A quick round up of April, which has gone really quick! What happened? It rained a lot. And we did some other things too.


This month’s Spotify playlist:

I personally can’t stop listening to Messages From The Stars. Bloody good disco, and if you take away the vocals it sounds like level music from Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

The Feel Good Effect episode on big starts to things, in particular with wellness goals is very interesting if you’re like me and say things like “I’ll start Monday” or “x,y or z have to be done/ready before I can do this…” when it comes to trying to be healthier.

Also listened to were Richard Herring’s podcast with guest Brian Blessed. Which needs to be listened to by everyone to be honest. Actually laughed out loud on the train home from work a couple of times during this. Embarrassing, but worth it.


I keep forgetting we had the Easter holidays this month, they seem so long ago! The kiddos and I had quite the adventure. We stayed at my folks for a few days, said hello to the sea and spent a very wet day at Exbury Gardens.

Then up to Glastonbury we drove to see one of Betsy’s best friends who moved away two years ago. Boo and her friend have such a wonderful connection and played together like no time had passed. So nice to hang out with his parents again, I miss those guys, but it is flipping brilliant to be able to travel to such a unique town. We visited scared gardens and drank from springs and it was all rather magical really.

Also in the Easter break, we had a very muddy and foggy day at Whipsnade Zoo, a quick trip to Mudchute Farm to look at the newborn lambs
and I got a night out (!) with my dad watching a TV recording for an Alex Horne show to be broadcast on Dave at some point. It was recorded in the London Palladium, it was pretty funny.

At home

I’ve started meal planning again after a hiatus and it is SO GREAT. It feels so much better, we’re saving money again and we’re eating less freezer forages as a result. Hooray! I have also started to plan my work lunches too and a great thing to do is to roast off a whole load of veggies that sit in the fridge and combined with some hummus, kimchi and salad leaves.

We have been going out in the garden a little bit more and it’s nice to see some flowers coming out. The apple tree has blossomed so lets hope for another good harvest this year!

May looks to be fun. It’s my birthday, Arthur’s birthday, Week In The Life and a few other things too. Good times!

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  1. It’s such a shame when friendships are broken due to having to move away for one reason or another. It’s lovely that they have met up with each other and you had a great day exploring the magical area of Glastonbury. A place that I’ve yet to visit with my family but our geocaching adventures have taken us close to.

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely month. I love Alex Horne – I’ve seen him live a few times, I’ll have to keep an eye out for his new show 🙂 #LikedAndLoved

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