It’s September! It’s autumn! And boy, doesn’t it feel it? The air is definitely cooler these days, isn’t it? I love, love, love, this time of year (I think I say that at the beginning of every season). That feeling of the new school year, even if you’re not directly affected by it. The feelings of dressing in a few more layers and seeing the colours in nature change to those warm oranges and reds.

You may recall earlier this year, I produced a list of things to do in the summer. I have to admit that there’s not a lot that’s been ticked off there! I think I forgot that I still had work to do and people to attend nursery. But never mind, I’m still keeping the list up on the kitchen notice board because I need a reminder that I still really, really want to make doughnuts.

Shall we add some more things to the list? I may not achieve all these things, but it feels good to write down at the beginning of the season and tune in a bit to what our part of the world is doing.

A list of things to do in Autumn | BakingBetsy

Walk in the woods and kick some leaves

Visit the museums while the schools are back – this is the last year before Betsy goes to school(!) so we’re going to make the most of a relatively quiet museum while we can. Museums on the must visit list include The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum (obviously. I once visited the NHM one half term with a friend and the queue to get in was almost halfway up Exhibition Road. The wait to see the dinosaurs inside was 45 minutes!), the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow and a couple of others too. The Tates probably as well.

Drink hot chocolate from flasks outside – We did this a lot last winter and it’s so comforting to have. It works as a good impetus to get outside when the weather isn’t looking too great either, it adds to the adventure (even if it’s just the local park). Bonus points if you bring along a few marshmallows too.

Mark the autumn equinox on the 23rd September – I’m trying much harder to celebrate all the solstices and equinoxes at the moment, it’s so important to be a bit more in tune with what is happening with nature around us. It grounds us and makes us whole and I think it’s important to teach the children these things.

Pick blackberries

Go to a Tales From The Shed show – these shows at our local theatre are always good for little ones, they’re informal and it doesn’t matter if little ones move around, perfect for a very wriggly Arthur.

Make some gingerbread bunnies – ever since Betsy saw Bing Bunny make some on her favourite show, she’s been dying to make some too. I’ve just bagged a super cheap rabbit head shaped cookie cutter so we’ll be ready to go soon!

Plant spring bulbs – We could do with a few more bulbs planted, although we did fairly well this year, we could do with more crocus in the lawn and more alliums too, I can’t get enough of them. Oh, and Dave really, really wants some snowdrops, they’re his favourite.

Observe the lunar eclipse on the 28th September – A total lunar eclipse is always an awe-inspiring sight, seeing a blood-red moon is magical. In the UK the eclipse starts at 1.11 am, but it doesn’t reach max until 3.47am (which is when you get the red colour, which as we all know is when the Sun’s light refracts through the Earth’s atmosphere and the Moon’s surface reflects the red end of the light spectrum. It’s properly amazing, isn’t it?). One to set an alarm for, methinks! It will be well worth it if the weather is kind to us though.

Try not to get too excited about Christmas – and there’s me wanting to be more in tune with the here and now, but I still manage a little squee when I think of Christmas. I know it’s too early, but the thought of all the build up with Betsy and Arthur is too much. To be fair the annual light parade that takes place in Enfield when the Christmas lights in town are switched on and is the first proper day to start festivities up here takes place in autumn (November the 29th).

…but DO get excited about Halloween – I bloody love Halloween.

Have a bonfire night party – because we’ve not had a gathering in literally months and I want to eat pumpkin stew, drink mulled cider, toast marshmallows on the fire pit and watch other people’s fireworks (we may have a few sparklers) all in the company of friends.

Celebrate Betsy’s birthday! – somebody turns four in October! There is SO much to do. Betsy wants an Elsa party. I have no idea where to do this or how. It will probably be at home with a handful of friends (I hope – last year’s party was for four kids and that was a squeeze). Oh well, it’s another gathering so it’s all good.

What are your plans for the autumn?


  1. Oh I do like your plans, especially getting up for the lunar eclipse, I might have to add that to my mental list, which at present just runs along the lines of get Kitty to school each morning!

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