Dave, Awsomeo and Amazertron

And then there were four. Well, three and a bit anyway. Four and a bit including Ian (although Dave would say Ian doesn’t count, but I’m pretty sure Betsy would say he does very much). Yep, I’m pregnant, 12 weeks gone and all going well due mid May. It’s been a bit rough for the past few weeks, looking after a toddler while feeling like you’re about to spew is hard, and there’s so much that’s happened that I’ve wanted to tell you about (holiday! Betsy’s birthday! Pumpkin picking! Some bread that I made!) but it’s quite hard to sit at the computer in the evenings when all you want to do is lie in the fetal position on the sofa. It’s getting easier though, although it’ll be a while yet before I’m blogging really regularly again.

The scan on Monday went well, we saw Amazertron’s arms waving about and it’s heart beat. I had forgotten just how magical it is to see your child for the first time and I may have shed a few tears of relief. It’s very exciting. Betsy didn’t seem so bothered, she was more interested in what the sonographer was doing to my stomach, but then she doesn’t quite get what’s happening at the moment. Dave, of course, is thrilled and has been a total rock and a general superman this last month and a bit and has looked after me and Betsy (and put her to bed, and generally did most of the caring while I was in a corner whining) amazingly.

It’s so exciting to see our little family almost completed. Although, if I’m totally honest, right this moment, I think I’m looking forward to not feeling sick all the time the most.


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