A rather wonderful exhibition is taking place at the NOW Gallery in North Greenwich next to the tube station at the moment. Artist Camille Walala has filled the whole gallery space with colour and its maze-like feel gets you to feel like a child again, to play and explore.

While the gallery space is small, there are so many paths to explore, tiny rooms to discover and dead ends to find, that even when backtracking and retracing your steps there is something new to find and see.

It’s brilliant for adults and children and you leave on a bit of a high, full of oxytocin. The kiddos couldn’t stop dancing, I couldn’t stop smiling. There is no doubt about it, WALALAXPLAY makes you feel happy.

The exhibition is on until the 24th September 2017 and proving so popular you now have to get a free timed ticket in advance. Shoes are not allowed, so bring some colourful socks! You are only allowed 15 minutes to explore, but luckily there a few other things to do in the area so you can make a morning or afternoon of it. Next to the NOW gallery is the Greenwich Peninsular developers offices and they have a huge model of London and north Greenwich to look around – look out for the tiny but working cable cars! – and there’s an interactive cinema where you can fly around the architect’s impression of the fully developed peninsular.

Outside are lots of interesting seats to climb all over and fountains to splash in. There are a few bits of public art to have a look at, Anthony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud is well worth walking over to and we enjoyed looking at the pylon curled up into a ball. Next to that is an amphitheatre that has free music concerts over the weekend, but provides a good clambering space over its Giant’s Causeway like seats when not in use. There are also Camille Walala designed table tennis tables outside and you can borrow a bat and ball from the NOW gallery.

And of course there is the cable-car. The kids have been wanting to go back on since our last visit, so we did a full circuit. There’s no doubt that it’s pricey (about £7 on a pay as you go Oyster card), but children go free, and the views are fabulous.

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