Cheery Things

1. Elodie dress by Toast
2. Fiestaval paperchains from Paperchase
3. Sad gingerbread man by Asking For Trouble on Folksy (there’s a happy, uneaten gingerbread man too!)
4. The most gorgeous enamelware from Mini Moderns. That orange saucepan! *swoon*
5. One for Dave this one: a Star Trek communicator on Firebox. It works by connecting to your mobile by bluetooth and you can make and recieve calls from it. MADE OF WIN.
6. More MADE OF WIN. A vintage rainbow skirt for an adult. I could have done with this for last week’s Faerie Festival. I’m also going to try and work out how to make that myself. It can’t be too hard, can it?

It’s been ages since I last did a Cheery Things so some of the links below are a bit old, but still awesome. Hope you had a good weekend everyone, enjoy the week ahead what ever it holds.


  1. Ha I keep looking at that dress! Just looking though my summer clothing budget has been well and truly spent. I reckon you could totally make a skirt like that – what a fun way to use bits of fabric up.

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