Oh, hello! Long time no see. It seems I’ve been on a bit of a blogging lull here. Many reasons I suppose. I’ve discovered that I tend to get a blogging lull/lose all kind of writing mojo anyway at this time of the year, maybe it’s to do with the changing of the seasons? Less daylight makes me want to write less or something – like I’m going into hibernation. I know I’ve taken much less photos than usual and I know the lack of light has definitely been to blame for that. I have been creating more though, Christmas presents and more, so I’ve not been completely idle (which makes a change). Oh, and I have been watching the new series of Masterchef Australia. That definitely has been a factor, I bloody love that programme. Maybe one of these days I’ll get a laptop that I can actually have on my lap and I’ll be able to blog and watch TV from the sofa. Imagine! Hopefully we are at the end of this little hiatus as there’s so much to tell you, but for now shall we look at some pretty things?

Cheery Things - Baking Betsy

Clockwise from top left:

People Tree Nadia flared dress
Jane Foster panda knitting bag from John Lewis
If you ever read the lovely Susannah Conway‘s newsletter (and you should) then you know she’ll draw out a tarot card at the end of the letter for her readers. Lately she has been using the Wild Unknown tarot and goodness me, they are beautiful! Gorgeous line drawings – I think I may get these in the new year as a treat for me.
Donna Wilson London bus mug
Odalie princess coat from Anthro
Strongman and Tattoo lady candleholders from Rockett St George
Charm bracelet advent calendar, also from Rockett St George. Argh, I want my own advent calendar so much and this would be lovely, wouldn’t it? Lovely, lovely, lovely. Maybe next year. I will have to do with eating Arthur’s chocolate calendar this December.

And here’s some evening reading for you (which contains some very old links as I’ve had this post as a draft for MONTHS. Months I tell you! Must try harder.)

Hope you all have a good week, everyone!

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