Happy Sunday! What are you getting up to today? I think we may be adopting another cat today. I wasn’t thinking we’d get another cat for a while, Ian was pretty unique and irreplaceable and it feels weird to take his place, but the house is missing something. I miss walking down the stairs in the morning and seeing a furry face greeting me and having a warm body resting next to me on the sofa. The kids too, really miss having a cat round. I can’t remember what made me look, but I found myself on our local RSPCA website looking at this adorable 1 year old black and white female earlier this week and so we popped in yesterday to have a look at her. It turned out that she probably wasn’t suitable for us. She’s lovely, but very excitable and the guys in the centre weren’t sure what she’d be like around children. (maybe one of you guys can give her a good home?) But there was another cat who had just finished being in a foster home and would we like to see him? So we did and he was lovely so if we want him, we need to reserve him today. But I feel really torn, but I suspect that’s mostly because I still miss Ian and feel guilty that I’m replacing him. Is that weird? Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

Lets look at shiny things.

Cheery things

1. Fox snowglobe necklace from Finest Imaginary
2. Ten Deep Breaths bracelet from Department Store for the Mind. When things get hard, this bracelet reminds you to take ten deep breaths. Lovely idea.
3. Wren print from PocketWren on Etsy
4. Peacock plate from Frank.
5. Graham and Green vintage cutting boards.
6. Lovely dress for spring, what makes it 100% awesome is the print. IT HAS MER-CATS, PEOPLE. You can get it from Miss Patina.
7. Whiting knitting needle bag from Howkapow. Love this so much!

Things to read today:

  • This house has been untouched since the 60s. Can I move in now, please?
  • Crossing the USA on Amtrack. One day I will do this, ONE DAY.
  • The story of Bill May, the greatest male synchronized swimmer who ever lived, and his improbable quest for Olympic gold. Great read.
  • Tribble Trouble. The best nerdy April fools to happen this year. Watch the video on there, it’s really funny.
  • Looking forward to summer so I can make this and sit in the garden and sip.
  • Enjoy your week!

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