Hello Sunday! Hope you have all had a good week? It’s been rather a good around here. It is my birthday weekend (I am OLD, but I don’t mind and actually, my birthday isn’t until tomorrow so I am still – just – in my mid 30s) and yesterday Dave surprised me with an afternoon tea with some very dear friends. Today we were planning to attend Monski Mouse as part of the South Bank’s London Wonderground for a spot of dancing, but sadly Betsy has chicken pox so we’re staying at home instead, but you should go as it’s a wonderful, wonderful day out. Actually with this trend of baby discos and raves, someone would make a fortune hosting a Pox Party, right? Dancing, drinks, crafts and a viral illness, what more would you want in a day out? You could call it Top of the Pox! Maybe.


1. Embroidered leather bag from Joy
2. Lovely smiley cat greetings card from The Gin Fox (she does some super earrings too)
3. Gorgeous looking bed set in West Elm
4. Cactus carafe from Oliver Bonas. There are tumblers to match too! Love these so much.
5. Pryopet cat candle. As these burn down a skeleton of the cat reveals itself! Slightly macabre, but mostly awesome.
6. Constellations children’s dress from Sewing Circus. LOVE.

Other things:

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