Happy Sunday! Happy bank holiday! I have done a little spring clean of this blog, have you noticed? Do you like it? I feel it was much needed and with Blogtacular coming up in a few weeks it felt like the right time to do it. Now to get on with printing some business cards!

cheery Things - nice things to buy and read

1. A pretty cherry wall hanging from Berry Red
2. Retro portable barbecue. Really want to take this to a beach somewhere.
3. OMG CAT DRESS. Really, really need to find this for sale with a UK retailer. And to be a bit cheaper.
4. This tray just makes me want to host so many parties.
5. Terrarium from Oliver Bonas, because everyone needs a little succulent plant in a fancy geometric glass and metal holder, right?
6. A very nice seed box, including things you’ll actually use. Shame it’s sold out really.

Things to read:

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