Crikey, it’s not even December and already I’m panicking about presents. What do you lot want? Not you, I’m sorted for you. I’m planning to make a lot of mine as my family seem to like hamper type presents (at least I hope so anyway! Spoiler alert, sisters) and I’m still deciding what exactly to make, I love cooking and producing jams and such, I just need to get organised so I’m not still making chutneys on Christmas eve! Ugh, I need to get list making. Do you like to make presents? What do you make? More potential presents here:


1. Can this kids party dress be in my size too, please?

2. A clutch bag that’s not so stupidly small you can’t hold anything in it. Although if anyone knows of a pretty going out bag that can also hold my DSLR (no, really) can you let me know please?

3. Graham and Green have the cutest tree decorations. Just look at this llama!

4. Good party dress. Perfect quiet day dress.

5. Ridic, but also amazing headphones.

6. Even scattered all over the living room floor, these would still look chic.

7. Nathalie Lete Christmas mug

8. I could really do with a good cocktail. (Shaken, not stirred, obv)

Random other stuff:

Have a good week!



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