How can we have only had a week of January? Last week of festive fun and enjoying ourselves in the New Forest feels like a lifetime ago. Anyway, hope 2017 has been good to you so far. Here’s some stuff for you (and most of it is in the sales, hooray!):

1. Well, that there is the prettiest little coaster I ever did see.
2. New year, new hobby? How about learning embroidery?
3. We’re finally doing up the kiddos’ bedroom this year (I may have to blog it) and this print would look lovely on the wall.
4. I bought this bracelet for myself last week, with my One Little Word stamped onto it. It’s perfect, and it’s cheap in the sale!
5. Now your new year stews just won’t be healthy and tasty, they’ll look beautiful too cooked in this dish.
6. Colours to beat the January blues.

Read-y Things:

So my sister sent this video to me yesterday as her three year old can’t stop watching it and now Arthur is obsessed by it. To be fair, it’s pretty incredible:


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