Ugh. I’m in such a funk (funky!). I find writing difficult at the best of times, but recently it has been super hard and writing a simple blog is proving really tough, including writing Betsy’s birthday post, which I should have posted ages ago. So here is a quick post of some things that I have seen or done or heard that I like. Hopefully it’ll get me blogging again:

Cheery Things 1

1. If my early twenty-something self knew how few albums I buy these days, she’d be horrified. But it’s all about quality, not quantity, right? Anyway, Dawn of the Dread by Horseman and Aphex Twin’s Syro are the last two albums I’ve purchased. Both are very good, but I cannot get enough of Syro, it’s been pretty much on repeat since it arrived through the postbox.

2. Kale, Chestnut and mushroom pie from Delicious. I need to eat this RIGHT NOW.

3. Personal library kit from the new A Beautiful Mess shop.

4. Continuing the stationary thing, I have discovered my new favourite shop – Present & Correct. I want ALL THE THINGS, PLEASE.

5. It took me two years, but I finally finished reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable epic tale (with the exception of book 10 which took me six months to complete because despite it being one of the longest volumes, nothing happens. At all.) and I’m not entirely sure what to read now. Dave’s trying to get me to read more fantasy (maybe Joe Abercrombie or Patrick Rothfuss), but I’m thinking a change of genre would be a nice breather for me. Any suggestions?

6. Tom Frost squirrel print at Rowen & Wren. Love Frost’s work so much, everything he does is fab.

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