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1. Gorgeous cushion from Beetroot Press. Almost makes me wish spring was here.
2. Never a truer word said.
3. Smitten Kitchen’s pickled cabbage salad. I made this last week and it’s lovely. It makes LOADS though and I ended up giving a whole load of it away to friends and I still have it coming out of my ears. I seem to be eating it rather than my usual late night biscuits, so that’s got to be a good thing, right?
4. Christmas decorations from Liberty and Rockett St George. Just look at their little faces!

Usually I’m one of those grumps who try not to even think about Christmas until the 1st December, but with a three year old who’s already asking about Father Christmas and a new baby who loves looking at all the sparkly lights, I am SUPER excited about the end of December this year. Guy Fawkes night has been already, I’m allowed, right? Besides, the Christmas lights have been switched on along various roads and now I really want to take the kids into town to look at the lights, wonder around the Christmas shop in Liberty and generally try not to get too stressed by all the other people. That should be do-able, shouldn’t it? Just look Carnaby’s lights! And if Betsy can get really excited about the Christmas lights she spots in Enfield, then these will blow her mind…

Also, this and this. Science is cool, especially when it’s in space.

Smitten Kitchen’s cabbage wasn’t the only recipe from a blog I made recently. I also made some of Jack Munro’s Punkin pumpkin jam and used that instead of the rhubarb jam in Pudding Lane’s rhubarb and custard kisses. So easy to make and so melt in the mouth. Okay, I haven’t just been eating healthy salad in the evenings…


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  1. I’m loving this feature! And the pickled vegetables were fabulous! Thank you. I *wish* I could take the girls to Liberty and Carnaby Street but I can’t face it so they will have to make do with Enfield’s finest illuminations this year.

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