It’s Easter-time! Chocolate time! Roast lamb time! Dumping the kids in a middle of a field so they run off the sugar time! Let’s look at other sweet things:

1. Sideboard of my dreams.
2. Tits print.
3. More tits (ha) – Boob pendant.
4. Perfect office dress. Just need a yellow cardigan to wear with.
5. Suede goodness.
6. Notebook.
7. Happy cat cushion.

Random things on this glorious day:

  • Timelapse of the pink Moon rising over Barbican
  • Night-time in small town America
  • How to be a better spouse. Obvious stuff really, but worth being reminded about.
  • Nostalgia-fest of obscure cartoons from the late 80s. Bravestarr does not get a big enough mention!
  • Has anyone used the Vamp Stamp? If it works as well as it looks, I could have no more wonky cat eye flicks. Imagine!
  • Healthy lunches to counteract all the chocolate
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