Hello, Sunday! Hope you are all having a relaxing one.

1. The cutest cat pin.
2. Awesome AF pin.
3. Light-up fairground necklace. Constantly eating candy floss a requirement while wearing this.
4. I have a few plates by Jimbob Art and they are just the best! This serving platter would fit very nicely in my kitchen.
5. I suspect that as a light, this toucan lamp would be pretty useless, but ahhh! Look at it! There must be a space around here to house it…
6. Nice message for a birthdy.
7. Be like the bells of St Clements in this dress.

Good things to read:

  • A dog that rescues cats
  • This Little Girl Showing Off Her New Sports Blade To Friends Is So Cute It Hurts
  • My son died in 1994 but his heart only stopped beating this year
  • Well this has become number 1 in my bucket list – the most luxurious sleeper train in the world. What an amazing way to see Japan!
  • Order a Nando’s and we’ll tell you who to vote for. Funny election stuff! I was predictably Green.
  • Really, really interesting infographic about women in Hollywood.
  • Fascinating article about the influence the tabloids had during the Brexit (and the gen election I suppose)
  • Questions to ask your children to invite more conversation about their days at school
  • If I could choose to live anywhere, it would be in the Barbican. And look! There’s a split-level flat for sale! It’s HOW MUCH?!
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