1. Mountain necklace.
2. Smash the patriarchy with My Little Pony
3. Lovely embroidered hoop from Hello Hooray.
4. Cat biscuit cutters from Baking Time Club. I really need these in my life, because I am not crazy cat lady enough.
5. Pretty little shoulder bag.
6. Good, everyday dress that doesn’t cost the Earth. Joanie Clothing seem to be ticking all the boxes with all the clothes recently.
7. Sloffee patch by Sophie Corrigan who has the most wonderful Etsy store. I want all the pun-based patches.

I feel slightly facetious posting all these material things when families a few miles from me have lost everything. However, if you want to donate and help the people of Grenfell Tower, the British Red Cross is collecting money and the website Grenfell Support has a ton of information about where you can bring physical donations (not a lot of places, there’s just a couple of places in east London at the time of writing) and where you can volunteer your time too.

Other things to read:

  • How to raise a feminist son
  • Alamo Drafthouse apologises for starting manpocalypse with women-only screening of Wonder Woman.
  • A star has a huge mass orbiting around it and it’s a mystery as to what that mass is (flipping fascinating read)
  • Very nice time-lapse of the Grand Canyon filling up with cloud
  • Interior design goals
  • Disney princesses as activists
  • Really want to do some sprouting now
  • And finally this really interesting piece where scientists have converted space into music:


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