Ugh, another couple of weeks of writer’s block*, I couldn’t even put words to this week’s Living Arrows, and there’s so much so say!

Cheery Things 1
Cheery Thhings 2

1. Scattered Stars dress from Cath Kidston. Festive without being too festive. I’d wear it pretty much all the time.
2. Love winter list by the Homesteady. So using this in the middle of January when it’s miserable.
3. Working Mrs Cat white wearing glasses by zyzanna on Etsy.
4. Stitch the stars calendar kit. Isn’t this the most perfect give for me a crafty person in your life? It glows in the dark, people!
5. Everything by Hannah Turner is amazing.
6. Winter Forest washi tape at The Fox and Star. This is pretty much the best thing ever, isn’t it?
7. Kitty pile body suit at Buy Olympia. This would suit Arthur down to a T.

Other things:


There’s also the matter of CHRISTMAS, but that’s its own post I think. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

*I am hardly a writer. Work block? Word block? Both are valid. I think procrastinator is the better term for me though. Have you seen that thing on Facebook where you Google image search your first name and meme? One of the first hits for me was this picture. I need to frame this and put it EVERYWHERE.



  1. I’ve just had to scuttle off and google my name – rather worryingly I got a lot of pictures of teeth! I think I’m just going to stick to the washi tape adoration, because yes that is amazing washi tape – and we have a fair amount of it around here!

  2. I’d like ALL OF THE THINGS! Especially that dress! No especially the stars sew kit. Or the love winter list. Oooooh! Sorry to hear about your blogging block maybe we should plan in some blogging unblock nights with wine!

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