It’s Easter! Hooray! I am PLEASED we have a long weekend and a Dave to be around for all four days. We are taking it easy this weekend, pottering around in the garden if the weather is good, I’m mid-sorting the kitchen out at the moment (INTERESTING) and hopefully I’ll get that finished too, slightly bored of seeing random jars and having no counter space now. We’ll try to get a day out somewhere at some point as well.

Cheery  Things

  • 1. Origami rabbit necklace.
  • 2. Wooden bunny earrings.
  • 3. Emily and Fin flower pot dress.
  • 4. Personalised children’s name print from Tigerlilly Quinn’s shop.
  • 5. Lamb egg cup by Quail.
  • 6. We’re big fans of Bing Bunny here. Betsy will giggle away at Pando and has picked up the way Bing says “I’m ok” when he falls over in the opening titles for when she has a stumble. I like the retro look and the gentleness and the situations are realistic and I think Betsy can relate to many of the stories. It’s a lovely little programme to watch and I have picked up a mantra which is “what would Flop do?” That man/toy/parent/guardian/thing always knows the right thing to say! Anyway, there are soft toys coming out in the summer, but there is an official Bing pattern, so you can make your own Bunny! Very much now on my list of things I want to make, but will probably only get round to making it after Betsy has moved onto other things (like boys and drinking cider in a field somewhere).

Betsy is getting excited about Easter. She’s not really getting into the whole idea of it, but she is excited (eggcited?) about the Easter egg hunt on Sunday. She made a lovely bonnet at the kids craft session at Love 13 last Monday and yesterday we decorated a basket. Boo chose what to put on there and painted and drew on it and would point out where she wanted other things glue gunned into placed. Unsurprisingly, she wanted all the sparkly things, but the hit of the day were the letter stamps, need to get some more of those, that’s a great future activity for Betsy to play with.

Easter basket


pastel paints

The paints, by the way, were a bargain. £3 for six colours at Hobbycraft. Such lovely colours too! Talking of bargains, how brilliant are the Tomy eggs? I’ve never really played with them before, but found a pristine box of them in our local charity shop for £1.50 and bought it for Arthur. They’re fab! Arthur loves them, and even Betsy will happily play with them too, which means a nice thing for both of them to play together with, hooray!

Tomy eggs

Enjoy your Easter, folks. Remember all chocolate is calorie free this weekend 🙂


  1. Great ideas Charlotte. I love the baskets and stamps and thanks for the link to the Bing pattern. I would love to make one of those. X

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