Cheery Things is an occasional feature I started to help me get out of my weird post-natal funk I had last year – I am a terrible pessimistic and sometimes I find it hard to see the good times, but a little post here and there with some nice and pretty things always helps a bit because it makes my little materialistic heart flutter. So, with the results of yesterday’s general election still fresh in our minds, lets look at things that don’t really matter, but are nice all the same, before I fall into a pit of despair.

Cheery Things -

1. Emily and Fin cowboy dress.
2. Sending some blog love to Wild Olive which is full of sweet, stitchy crafts. This is such a lovely, rainy day (ha!) project to do and what a great little game to play afterwards.
3. I’m back at work so I’m always on the lookout for cute things to take my lunch in and this cat bento box from the Japan Centre ticks all the boxes (meanwhile, if any of you can find a nice bag for my breast pump to take into work, that would be aces).
4. Songbird and leaves jug from Howkapow.
5. Speaking of things from Howkapow, I want this lampshade for Betsy’s and Arthur’s bedroom (once it’s decorated and we have bunk beds, not for a while though)! Or the duck one, I don’t mind.
6. I am late to the party on this, having only discovered her earlier this year, but Jessica Pratt’s album On Your Own Love Again is beautiful and her voice will take you to a place where it is quiet and still. It reminds me a little of Nick Drake without it sounding like Nick Drake and feels old but still fresh. Ugh, I am no music reviewer – Pitchfork sums this album up much better than I.
7. Picky Duck. This makes me laugh lots.

Other things:

Have a lovely weekend people! Same again in five years?

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