Christmas Elves

You know what I don’t like about Christmas? That list Santa supposedly keeps of who has been naughty or nice. I’ve always seen Father Christmas as a nice chap who gives presents to all children because it’s Christmas. I’ve never really got on with the whole bribery aspect of telling children that if they’re naughty they won’t get any presents, it’s Christmas! That’s a crappy thing to tell them. Besides, it’s also a blatant lie. You’d have to be Scrooge himself to actually go through with a promise of not giving your children presents. But I do think it is healthy to encourage niceness during Christmas. Especially as the season becomes more and more materialistic and after all, the whole point of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a guy who basically said be nice to each other isn’t it? So how do you encourage a three year old to be more kind and nice to others? Using elves of course. This isn’t my idea by the way, I was very inspired by the Kindness Elves from The Imagination Tree who started this last year. Betsy was too young to join in then and so I’ve been itching to do it this Christmas. Our Christmas elves help spread joy and kindness over advent while also encouraging us to be more creative at this time. I have to admit that since having Arthur, I’ve been a bit lax in creating activities for me and Boo to do at home, but as he’s getting older and can happily sit in a high chair or move around on the floor on his own it’s time to start being a bit more pro active. So on the morning of the 30th November, a little door that looked like it was made from cardboard and stuck on with washi tape appeared out of nowhere. No one knew where it was from, no one who lived at the house put the door onto the wall. Betsy would knock on it and wonder if anyone would come to the door, but no one did. It was as if it had appeared by magic.

1st December.
Advent Day 1

As Betsy came down in the morning with me we discovered we had visitors! There was a note to Betsy. It said:

We are Astrid and Hans and we are CHRISTMAS ELVES! We’re here spreading magic and visiting you because you are AWESOME! We look forward to having lots of fun with you this Christmas!

Astrid and Hans like their exclamation points and capital letters. If I’m honest, Betsy was more excited about the chocolate left in the advent calender and didn’t quite know what to make of the elves. It takes a bit of time for her to get into something (unless it’s chocolate related).

2nd December.
Advent day 2

Hello Betsy! Before you go to nursery, lets read this Christmas book together! Have a super day! Astrid and Hans. PS. You played really nicely with Caspar yesterday!

Nursery day today so something very quick and simple while Betsy gets used to the idea of the elves. She saw this with Dave while I was still upstairs with Arthur and when she came up for a cuddle and milk she was very excited. Mostly about the chocolate still, but hey! She mentioned the book too, so that’s something.

3rd December.
Advent day 3

Good morning, Betsy! We have sorted out your advent calender for you 🙂 We have found some cakes! There is one for you. Shall we give the others to Nanny and Grandad when you see them today?

A day with the grandparents today and a perfect chance to do a bit of sharing. When Nanny and Granddad did turn up, she was happy to give them their cakes. Betsy still more excited about the chocolate. The advent calender mention is to do with a lovely calender my sister made Betsy last year which was out, but not yet hung up, so the elves hung it up above their door.

4th December.
Advent day 4

Good morning! Look what your Auntie Juwee gave you! Lets make it!

Betsy now fully on-board with the elves now that they have delivered something Peppa related. The tree was made and up with Dave before I had even got out of bed!

5th December
Advent day 5

Betsy had been asking to go to the zoo for sometime now, which is a bit unusual for her as it’s normally me who asks if we should go. We had a brilliant but very cold day out, got to love Whipsnade!


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