Well that was a brilliant weekend!

When I first moved up to London I moved into a house in Winchmore Hill with a bunch of lovely people. Joe, who I knew back from school; Dave, who was one of Joe’s uni friends; Lou who was a final year student at Middlesex and Ali who was finishing off her teacher training. So a slightly random bunch, but it turned out to be I think my most favourite flatshare. That was 15 years ago. 15 years! I feel my age now. We have all stayed in touch even though we don’t see each other as much as we used to. A while back Dave moved to Eastbourne and every year he and his family host a Christmas weekend for us. Others have joined us too, most notably Del, another old flatmate of Joe and Dave’s and we all travel down on a Saturday, eat a ton of food and play board games and then on Sunday have a (usually bracing) walk along Eastbourne sea front.

This year has been the first year in a little while since I’ve been able to make it down. I have missed this weekend so much. So lovely to see everyone (apart from Lou, she had work and couldn’t come) and to sit and catch up. So nice to see all the children play together. The enormous amount of wooden train set went down a treat. Normally in the evening once children are asleep we’ll play a game like Balderdash, but the Articulate board sat on the floor, ignored while we talked, ate chocolate and gazed at the wood burning stove.


Sunday we went and saw the sea. Dave, Kathryn and their kids joined in the Santa Run and Joe, Del, Ali and my lot sheltered from the driving rain and big winds. The weather was, um, pretty refreshing, and I was rather glad I didn’t sign up for the run. The kids seemed to really enjoy the weather and Arthur happily strolled along the pier while I held his hand in a vice like grip; it really did feel like the wind could scoop him up at any moment. We watched the pier being blessed by the local vicar and managed to get a free coffee just before we headed off home. I really love the drive home, Sussex is a lovely place and as it got dark we spotted all the festive lights twinkling in people’s homes getting us more excited for Christmas.

December Daily - Day 5

These two days’ journalling is slightly different compared to the previous days. Normally I’d make my pages up first then blog about it, but this time I started this blog and then lifted the journalling from here and pasted onto some of my photos. I seem to write more freely with a keyboard than straight onto paper with a pen.

December Daily - Day 5

I’m really, really pleased with how it all looks. Having everything typed up makes it look all so much neater, doesn’t it? I feel I can use more embellishments too like this. The photos don’t do it justice by the way. Children + work + short days mean photos get taken in the evening and they’re just not very good.

December Daily - Day 5

December Daily - Day 5

Sunday is pretty good too. I like how the font on my photo matches the font on the card above it. I suspect the next couple of days will be much simpler just so I can try and catch up a bit. Maybe. We’ll see!

December Daily - Day 6

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