Hello December! I am very excited it’s December, I’ve almost gone full Elf in my excitement. I had a meeting today and I ordered a mince pie and a gingerbread latte and I got impatient that our canteen has yet to do a Christmas menu. Oh and there was a ton of other stuff like presentation prep and work and my knee had gone a bit weird. Dave worked from home this day too which meant I didn’t have to leave at five on the dot to get home, which meant that I nipped over to the shopping mall in Stratford and braved the Disney Store and bought Art and Betsy’s Christmas presents. I’ve been feeling weirdly emotional today and did a little cry when I got Boo’s present. OMG she’s going to be SO PLEASED with it!

The lights in Westfield are pretty and there’s fake snow blowing outside the doors.

I also got a quick dinner in Wahaca, I love this place so much and it’s been literally years since I’ve last been. Of course I ordered the churros for pudding! (even if I didn’t really need them)


So how does the day look in my DD album? Like this:


I really liked the journaling card from Decor8’s mini December Daily kit and didn’t want to hide it too much with journaling. So, I used some printable tracing paper for the job (which constantly kept jamming in my printer, but luckily worked on Dave’s).



I genuinely don’t know why I I turned my words into a (poor) blues song, but it makes me laugh and that’s all that matters (and it seemed more interesting than doing my usually “I did this and then I did that” style of journaling, which is BORING)

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  1. Hi Charlotte, I love that feeling when I am so sure I have bought the perfect gift that someone is going to love and I can’t wait for them to open it!

    December is the time for enjoying all things festive (especially food), so your canteen better get a move on with their Christmas menu before it’s Easter!

    I don’t think your photos are displaying properly (for me at least) as I’m just seeing the date. But Don’t you just hate it when the printer jams? Usually when you only have two minutes for a two minute job.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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