I’m a little bit behind on December Daily. It’s not surprising really, I’ve had a couple of weeks of being really very busy and there’s not been much of a chance to get any scrapbooking in. What I have managed to do I’m really pleased with. I have tried to keep things as simple as possible and have tried to stick to one story a day rather than write about the whole day, which is actually quite tricky.

Day two – Visiting the local garden centre and looking at their lights. Not documented is me telling the kids that no, we can’t see Santa because it’s a million hours wait (give or take). Fun visit though.

Day three – We get our tree (much earlier than usual) and Dave and I go out in an evening for the first time in two and a half years for his work’s do. It was fun! There was free booze!

Day four – Art and I travel over to Crouch End for a vintage market. The pictures were taken on the bus as we pass Ally Pally. One of the best views of London there.

Day five – Christmas food prep starts and I write a list of what needs to be done

Day six – I think this is one my favourite spreads so far. An evening with one of my most favourite friends, Vinnie. We have an amazing meal at Meat Liquor, you guys! You NEED to eat here. Amazing cocktails, really good food that contains your weekly calorie count in one hit and it’s a bit like sitting in a club. It’s very cool, although I was slightly disappointed by the deep-fried pickles, even though Time Out had named them one of the top 100 dishes in London recently.

Day seven – work day. Still, the tree in New Palace Yard is rather lovely, isn’t it?

Day eight – My folks come up to London and we spend the evening along the South Bank. It’s a really lovely evening full of hot toddys and Irish coffees and good conversation. I leave a bit early thought because of the next day…

Day nine – I did a presentation at a staff meeting. One of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do. I found myself doing the breathing I learnt to do while being in labour to get me through it! It went okay though and actually more than anything I am really proud of myself for putting myself out there and actually doing it. Not long ago, I would have quite easily have passed a task like this over to someone else quite easily. I CAN DO HARD THINGS says it all really (although I added a bit of extra journaling on an index card that I had been using for my presentation. Not pretty, but very apt).

There will be more days soon, just as soon as I get a spare minute to look at my stuff again! Can’t believe we have less than a week until Christmas day! Eeep!

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