Blimey, Easter seems so long ago now doesn’t it? It was the first full weekend we had spent in the new house and we got the place in order a little bit more. We are settling into the place well. Really well, actually, Betsy is loving the amount of space she has and just runs around everywhere, Ian spent the first week hiding upstairs, but has settled now and for me I can feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Easter weekend was the first time we had people to stay over (my parents, in a spare room with a bed rather than an airbed, woo), the weather perked up, many boxes had been unpacked and it seemed like the perfect weekend to celebrate the new home. Here’s a few Instagrams (follow me!) and EyeEms from the bank holiday.

easter eggs Untitled
Untitled Untitled

1. Betsy’s wooden Easter eggs
2. Festive bunting
3. Ian enjoying Betsy’s tunnel
4. Easter cake

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

1. Good Friday fish (it was good!)
2. A walk around Enfield
3. Easter egg hunt in our tiny garden. Betsy was very good at spying Creme Eggs! She enjoyed it so much we had to hide the eggs again after they were found.
4. the Easter basket I made for Betsy’s nursery’s egg hunt

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