It’s a good place to live where we do if you’re a fan of fireworks. Despite our local fireworks display being cancelled indefinitely, there are still a few shows around here. Ally Pally and the Walker ground in Southgate are the big two events nearest to us, but there are a number of smaller displays too. After a random Google, I discovered one a short ride on the train from us in Bounds Green. Organised by the Wild Wolf Explorer Unit and taking place in a Scout camp (who know Scout camps existed in Zone 3?!), it sounded like a friendly event and a fun night.

Sadly, Dave was on call over Guy Fawkes Night and not wanting to deal with two over-excited kids on my own, it was just me and Betsy travelling down to Bounds Green on the night. We arrived really early. I was worried about not being able to get in as we had to buy our tickets on the door so we had a lot of time to fill. We kept ourselves busy though and Betsy never felt bored while we were there which was good. There’s plenty to eat and drink. I got very excited when I saw homemade toffee apples being sold and insisted we got some. Betsy had a stick of candy floss that was twice the size of her head. We had a hot chocolate and a hot dog and ate it at the very nicely decorated tables.




After food, we had a little explore and walked along a path lit by fairy lights and uplighted trees and came across a big campfire with singing led by Explorer Scouts. Betsy was very excited to hear songs that she sang at nursery.


With a bit more exploring, we came accross another campfire, this time you could get some marshmallows and toast them over the flames. It was pretty cold that evening so we were pretty grateful for the heat from these fires.


There was music played on a PA system throughout the site and Boo and I spent a lot of time dancing in the field together while we waited for the fireworks to start. When they did, we saw them through the trees, and because of the wind direction, the fireworks possibly got a little too close to us, but we had a great time and ooh-ed and ahhh-ed throughout it all. Betsy loved it and whooped and clapped at everything.


I don’t think I’ve been to a display that has ever been so friendly. Everyone there seemed really happy to be there and it never felt over-crowded. The scouts helping out were super cheery and all the punters, which mostly consisted of families, were all there just to have a lovely time. I cannot wait to go back next year, this time with all my family.


  1. It sounds a perfect family friendly venue, not too much and not too late, ours went on till after midnight and even at 2am you could hear bangers going off, needless to say we had travelled and weren’t in Cornwall! #MarvMondays

  2. This sounds lovely and I like that they made the evening more than just watching fireworks, there was music and things to do and explore.
    We used to live in North London but would go to the Enfield fireworks as there was also an evening fair too. Looks like you a lovely evening together xx

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