The lavender season is almost at an end, but I couldn’t leave the photos I took on my visit there in July unpublished.

Visiting the field is an annual thing for us, we’ve been visiting since Betsy was about 18 months I think. Every year I take some of my most favourite photos there and this year didn’t disappoint at all.

We have yet to have a bad trip there. Even if spirits are low, or siblings have been annoying each other in the car (again), once you see the purple field, moods are lifted. The kids enjoy being there so much – even when it has been raining heavily before we arrived and I get stung badly by a bee – it’s still magical being there. They especially enjoy cutting their own bunch of flowers.

And looking out for trains on the east coast mainline which goes right past the farm.

We saw the sunflowers for the first time this visit too. They’re beautiful! Plus you can take them home (for a small fee).

I don’t know how much lavender is left, but the field is open to the public until the 3rd September.

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  1. Hi Charlotte, it would have been a shame to let these photos go unpublished. I love the smell of lavender and even planted some English and French lavender in pots, but the heat was too much for them. I bet the scent is beautifully heady as you wander around the lavender fields. As for the sunflowers! They are my absolute favourite flower, bright and happy. I’d quite happily spend an afternoon wandering around both of those fields!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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