three months

Hello Arthur! You are a quarter of a year old already! Where the flip-reverse has the time gone? You are no longer a newborn, which makes me a little sad, but I am also so, so exited to see you grow. Over the past weekend, we went down to Milford to see your grandparents and your Aunty Boc, Uncle Tim and cousin Asher. Ash is sitting up and eating and it makes me look forward so much to introducing food to you (it was one of the most favourite things I did with Betsy when she was a baby). I do have to try quite hard not to keep looking forward though and just live in the now. Your babyhood is already whizzing past and I seem to wishing it away and continually thinking about the rest of the year including me going back to work and your childcare when I’m away. These thoughts make my heart ache, as I can’t bear the thought of us being apart for a whole day but we will have to. Enough of that, we need to do more of living in the now and I’ll try to not think about work as much.

You have lost your startle reflex which is a shame as it was über cute, but you have gained your hands. You have spent the last few weeks staring at them and occasionally batting at a couple of objects on your baby gym and you are even having the odd success at grabbing too. A few days back while sitting on your dad’s lap you were grabbing at your feet over and over again.


You have rolled over! That’s another developmental milestone ticked off. Although at the time, you were lying on grass on an incline. So clever you for using gravity to help you! (You also rolled over today too, so you can definitely roll from back to front. This time you did it while I had quickly placed you on the sofa while I went to get a glass of water. So no more putting you on the sofa then…)

You got your first cold. You seemed to cope with it well, the only time it bothered you was when you had trouble breathing when feeding. Talking of feeding, you are doing well and feeding LOTS. The difficulties we had after you were born are a distant memory however you are now refusing bottles of expressed milk preferring to drink from the source as it were, rather scuppering any plans I had involving going out in the evenings. Oh well.

I like the random things you smile at. Lights in the ceiling, patterns on my dresses, me first thing in the morning. You are also noticing Betsy much more and you don’t seem to mind the bear hugs she gives you (although I think you’d prefer it if she didn’t try to carry you around everywhere). Every morning she’ll bring a pile of books over to where you are and read them aloud to you. She says your favourite at the moment is Fox’s Socks.

Fox's socks

Do cats get jealous? I’ve always suspected that as long as they get food, then no, they don’t. But Ian is an odd one. While I was pregnant with you, he’d spend most of his time sitting on top of my bump, purring loudly. I often wondered if you could hear him while in the womb, you certainly moved around a lot when he was around. After you were born he did a rather good impression of totally ignoring us, but now, whenever I am feeding you, he’s right there snuggling up to you and generally getting in our way. He’ll learn the error of his ways soon enough though, two days ago you managed to grab onto is tail and pull hard. He wasn’t pleased. I do hope you grow up to be thick as thieves though.

ian and art

Anyway, you are still awesome and amazing and all of us are still enjoying every minute with you.
Love from your mamma who loves you.

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