Arthur at four months

Hello Arthur! My beautiful, happy boy. You have just turned four months and you have been super busy! Here’s what you have been doing these past few weeks:

You are properly grabbing now. You take aim and reach for objects in a much more determined manner than before, especially Betsy’s hair. I’m surprised she has any left, quite frankly. Luckily she takes it all with good humour.

You have started to take an interest in toys. Your favourites so far are a Farm Tails book, a small wooden rocking horse (perfect for grabbing), some links and a teething ring. You recognise Skogkatt when I show you him and he’s greeted with a big smile and cuddle when given to you in the pram and car seat (the name Skogkatt being Norwegian for forest cat – Norwegian forest cats have a strong association with Freyja and Freyja is Betsy’s middle name. Do I over think these things?)

Arthur at four months

You have started chatting and gurgling. Once you start you don’t stop! And you are LOUD too. A proper chatterbox. You have also giggled a few times and it is the BEST thing. I have made you laugh just the one time (that probably says more about how funny I am than your development) but Betsy manages to make you laugh most days, especially when she sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat to you.

Arthur at four months

I think you prefer to lie on your tummy these days. You certainly spend a lot of your time rolling onto your front.

We have started taking you regularly to the swimming pool. You were born in the water so I think you have been a natural aqua baby from the start. I remember taking Betsy swimming when she was a few months old and while she certainly enjoyed it, she was pretty passive and would happily be pulled along in the water. You on the other hand want to swim. From the moment we carry you into the warm water, you want to move on your own accord, kicking and splashing as much as you can. You and I chase Betsy and Dada round the pool and you love it when we finally catch up with them. Swimming has become a weekly highlight for all four of us I think and it’s a wonderful reminder of how we are all growing as a family with you. If we continue like this, things are going to be crazy awesome!

swimming for the first time

Lots of love, you Mama who loves you.


  1. My step-mum has a Norwegian Forest cat! He is awesome though really quite nervous. He was a stray so perhaps mistreated. He seriously lucked out finding my step-mum AKA crazy cat lady.

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