Hello Arthur! You are eight months old! You are growing up so fast, slow down! You are at a really brilliant age at the moment. I remember it being this great when your sister was this age too. We are getting heaps and heaps of personality and smiles and cheeky grins and it’s just really very nice hanging out with you.

Arthur at 8 Months - Baking Betsy

You are still doing your zombie crawl and I’m not sure if you’ll ever crawl properly on all fours as you seen quite happy dragging yourself around on your belly. Plus you are cruising now. You are still a little wobbly moving around, but you are slow and steady and are getting good at lifting yourself up onto your feet. You need a little more practice at getting back down to the floor, but you’ll be a pro at that really soon.

You have been eating solid food for a while now but this has been the month you have really got it. You love to eat and like exploring new textures and flavours. Things you have eaten include:

Sweet potato fries
Roasted carrots and parsnips
Banana pancakes
Homemade pizza
Cat food
Googly eyes

Um, yeah, sorry about the last two items there. When I am in the kitchen and I have left you in the living room playing, I keep forgetting that you can crawl to me and you find that bowl of Ian’s dinner irresistible. It’s actually been the only bit of meat you’ve been interested in so far. Hmm. And we didn’t even know about the goggly eye until we found it staring up at us when changing your nappy. Note to self, must tidy more after Betsy’s crafting.


Bathtimes are a big part of your day, especially now you can sit in the bath unaided. You love to sit and splash and play with the pirate ship you were given for Christmas, although your most favourite thing at bathtime is to chew on is the bath thermometer. You also love to play with Ian’s water bowl when you can get to it and always seem so put out that I when I take it away from you (but much to the relief of Ian who gets most annoyed at you when you’re around his bowls), I’m looking forward to when it’s a bit warmer and we can play with some water outside, I think you’ll love it!

Arthur at 8 months.

Playtime with Betsy is getting better and better. There have been some really brilliant moments with the both of you playing together, although you still have a tendency to pull her hair and Boo doesn’t really like you chewing her toys, but she loves to pass you food to eat at dinner time and put cream on you when we’re getting you changed too. While there are moments when you annoy each other, you are generally both happy in each other’s company and long may that continue!

From, your Mama who loves you.

Arthur at 8 Months - Baking Betsy

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