Hello, Arthur

Well just look at that, I’ve gone and had a baby! After four sweeps and what seemed like the longest gestation period ever, we have a lovely boy who was born at home in the birthing pool after a pretty short labour. I may write about that one day, home births are the best – you give birth, three hours later you’re tucked up in your own bed with some tea and toast.

Hello, Arthur

We’re all doing well, Betsy utterly adores him already (even if she does call him Ian sometimes) and Arthur seems to be settling in to the world nicely. He has a little jaundice and I’m a bit concerned about his feeding, but compared to the haze and worry and really quite bad feeding problems we had with Betsy in her first week, we’ve been having a rather nice time.

Hello, Arthur

More soon when I get a chance.


  1. Big congratulations!

    I’d love to try for a home birth one day but Iain isn’t so convinced on the idea! Hope Arthur’s jaundice is clearing now.

    John was the same when he was born – everyone was commenting on his ‘lovely tan’. It did make feeding a bit awkward in the beginning but we got there in the end.


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