Hello Betsy,

Oh my lovely little thing, you are doing so very much at the moment. No longer a baby are you, but a toddler, rampaging round the house like a mini Godzilla, filling the house with delightful shrieks (usually aimed at Ian) and a trail of discarded Mega Bloks.

You have still yet to say many words, but ‘mama’ comes out a lot and you are starting to say sounds that are starting to sound like words. A ‘ma’ sound means milk. Saying ‘see saw’ every time you sit on your rocking moose; you learnt this off Little Star when she started doing while she was round playing the other day.

The girl who stared at goats

You are getting attached to lots of things. Clifton the stripy horse is your favourite toy by far and you will not let him go. There’s been a few times when we have had to allow you to take him to nursery because you won’t let him to leave your side. But you have also become attached to other things for brief amounts of times too. This morning it was a rubber duck. On Monday it was your beaker, last week a spoon, a week before that you became super attached to your coat and a half drunk water bottle I had left in my car and the last two days it was your father’s old Frightfest ’10 lanyard.

You are understanding *so* much. I will suggest we get our shoes on so we can leave the house, you walk over to our pile of footwear and bring me your shoes to put on. That’s pretty awesome, but once your shoes are on, you go back to the pile and fetch me a pair of shoes. And you know which shoes are mine and which are your dad’s too.

If you want me to be next to you, you will nod your head and point to the ground next to you. Sometimes you will pat the sofa in order for me to sit down on it (and usually give you a drink)

You are still enjoying music. You sing along to Row, Row, Row the Boat and do some of the actions to The Wheels on the Bus. You kick and dance in your seat as we listen to tunes on the car radio.

Your favourite game while being changed is to throw every single toy you can grab onto the floor. You then shrug your shoulders and make a sound as if to say ‘oh dear! Maisy Cow seems to have fallen down! How did that happen? It must have been an accident…’ and then do the same thing with another toy.

Box fun

We are currently in the process of moving house and you are loving the cardboard boxes. Last Saturday I think you pretty much spent the whole day in one. You’re not so bothered about them when your dad isn’t around – you love him to push and pull the box as fast as he can.

Knickers! You absolutely love grabbing a (clean) pair of my knickers, put them over your head and walking round the house with them dangling off your neck. I see it as a reminder that I really should put laundry away more regularly. I think this is not something you’d like me to talk about when you introduce me to boyfriends in later years or show them this picture:


You are really loving nursery now. You don’t get upset when we drop you off and you seem genuinely excited to see us come and pick you up. I get excited when I go to pick you up too (I run down the escalator of the Tube shouting “I’m coming to get you Betsy!” in the style of Ed in Shaun of the Dead). I look forward to seeing you again and reconnecting with you after a long day. We cosy up together on the sofa, have a drink of milk, maybe sing a few songs and wait until Daddy comes home and then you run towards him with arms open wide wanting more cuddles and maybe another ride in the cardboard box.



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