Some music to start this blog, I think:

Many (many, many) years ago I had a blog (you can read it here if you really want to). There have been a few others too, but they’re not worth a mention really. Since I stopped, I have got married, moved house, got a cat, learnt to drive and, probably most importantly, had the most beautiful daughter. Lots of things to blog about!

But I am not a natural writer and stress, morning sickness and a general apathy to work means it’s terribly difficult to put words on a page. Add in a whole load of laziness and you have the perfect combination of nothing being produced. But now, with a baby that’s a bit more independent and as I head back to work after 14 months off, I’m starting to feel an itch to write again. We’ll see how long it lasts!

(The title and Backstreet Boys song by the way have been an earworm for me and my husband for the last three months. We don’t know why and we can’t stop it)

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