How The Garden Grows – 10

5 September, 2014 5 Comments

The Garden - Baking Betsy

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote about the garden, so I thoughgt I’d give you a bit of an update. You can definitely tell it’s the end of summer. The jasmine leaves are turning red, the wildflowers are running their course and everything is slowing down. It’s been a short season here, but that’s because this has been the first spring and summer where we’ve worked really hard on the garden, but there’s still a bit to see. There are still a few flowers around if you look carefully.

The Garden - Baking Betsy

The Garden - Baking Betsy

These white beauties have grown from underneath the nextdoor neighbour’s garden. I feel I should know what they are as they’re all over the place in Enfield, but I don’t. Someone enlighten me, please!

The Garden - Baking Betsy

We’re still getting a few veggies. When I say veggies, I mean courgette and tomato (I know they’re fruit really!). I still can’t get over how successful the tomatoes have been, we are definitely growing those next year. I think this may be our last big harvest though, there’s not much left now.

The Garden - Baking Betsy

The Garden - Baking Betsy

I few weeks ago I was getting very excited about my pumpkin growing, but when I inspected it not long ago the squash came off the plant in my hands and looked terrible. I don’t know what happened to it.

Snuffed it

It would be useful to know what happened, because after having a look round this weekend, I discovered this:

The Garden - Baking Betsy

Two pumpkins growing! I am excited by this, although I suspect they’re fast running out of time for them to mature and ripen. It would be good to have something for Halloween though, especially as Betsy sowed those seeds.

The Garden - Baking Betsy


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    5 September, 2014

    Nice pictures, and the garden is looking good. Your white flowers look like Japanese anemones,which are a perennial. I don’t know what happened to your squash.
    Happy gardening. xx

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    Ma C.

    5 September, 2014

    Your garden is looking lovely Char. The white flower is a Japanese anenome. Must come to visit soon xx

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    5 September, 2014

    You have some lovely colour. I would like to try pumpkins but we don’t have much space for them-although when I was at Ryton Organic earlier in the year I noticed they had some growing in containers. I must give this a try. I hope the pumpkins turn out for you.

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    bettyl - NZ

    6 September, 2014

    The last of your flowers still look quite pretty. I wish I could help with the veggie problem.Maybe next year will be better for you.

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    9 September, 2014

    I have fallen in love with hydrangeas this year, they seem to have been blooming for months on end and look almost as lovely when they are going over as the do in full bloom!
    Such a shame about the squash but huzzah for pumpkins! My own garden seems to be leaning towards Autumn now majorly!
    Thanks ever so much for joining in again πŸ™‚


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