It’s been a long time coming this post, it’s been in my drafts for weeks so some of the photos are a little old. I’ll be updating more frequently now that the garden has started to grow at top speed. I love this time of year, there’s something new to look at every day, isn’t there? This is just a very quick post and update, I’ll be talking about the garden properly soon, but for now I just need to get some words down.

How The Garden Grows |

We’ve been planting lots of vegetable seeds. Last year I think I planted too much of one vegetable and tried to cram in so much that everything struggled as a result, this year I’m only planting one or two of each veg. Last autumn, Mike from Flighty’s Plot very kindly sent me a whole load of seeds from cress to tomato and marigolds and we have planted quite a few of these, Betsy is particularly excited about the cucumber and I’m really looking forward to the pot marigolds; I’ve never grown these before and this particular variety always looks lovely on Flighty’s plot. Thanks again, Mike!


But I mostly wanted to show you this tree.

How The Garden Grows |

This tree was sent to me and Dave in the post five Christmases ago by my auntie Fay. It was just a sapling then, about three inches tall. We potted it up and adorned it with a tiny piece of tinsel and called it Wild Bill. Since then, Wild Bill has lived in our garden growing happily. Last January sales we bought it some fairy lights of its own with the idea of having him sit next to the front door welcoming visitors with some sparkly cheer this Christmas. You forget sometimes how quickly some trees grow and the rate Wild Bill grows is astounding. Not much older than Betsy, but fast outgrowing her, there is so much new growth on him this spring I am going to have to think about re-potting him this winter.

My auntie Fay died last weekend. She wasn’t old and it was all quite sudden. I will miss her terribly. I didn’t get to see her as much as I would have liked these past few years, but I always thought of her every time I looked at Wild Bill and I always will. I will remember her love of the Peanuts and her lovely artwork and our shared obsession of the USA. I’ll remember that lovely warm Devonshire accent and her brill dry sense of humour.

I moved some forget me nots over to Wild Bill’s pot yesterday, it seemed like an apt thing to do. Goodbye Fay, you brilliant thing.

How The Garden Grows |


  1. Many thanks for the mention, it’s much appreciated. I hope that the seeds all do well for you.
    A neighbour planted a small Xmas tree out front of the flats thirty years ago and it’s now about fifty foot high!
    I’m sorry to read about your aunty, who I’m sure you’ll remember with much affection.
    Happy gardening. xx

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