Just a wee quick post this week with a couple of photos from the garden. The courgettes and squash have given up trying to produce fruit sadly, but there are some stunning flowers around. The purple clematis is striking and the lavender is attracting hundreds of bees which is great. I love this tiny white flower above though, anyone know what it is?





Part of the great How Does Your Garden Grow? Linky


  1. I think that the first picture shows gypsophila paniculata, have a look at google images.
    My lavender flowered for the first time this year, attracting lots of bees and butterflies.
    I like the blue hydrangea, one of my favourites plants. xx

  2. Wow, great pictures. I love the jasmine picture, it is such an amazing symmetrical flower. Also love the hydrangea, great plant. Thanks for linking up

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