Hurst Castle

Once in a while a group of friends of mine all get together and we spend a day or two taking photos. It’s a nice way to help improve our photography skills, visit some pretty pictures and have a good old meetup. One cold May weekend we all camped down to my folks’ village of Milford on Sea and took a day trip to Hurst Castle, a fortification at the tip of a mile long shingle spit. Built by King Henry VIII, it was used for defence purposes up until the Second World War. It’s a fascinating place to visit and you can really see the various ages it has lived through thoughout the building. There are huge cannons to gawp at, battlements and windy staircases to explore and superb views of the Isle of Wight. You can even get a little ferry from Keyhaven to take you there. Needless to say, it’s a brilliant place to bring children.

Hurst Castle

I was a bit disappointed with my photos, I didn’t really take any that I was really pleased with, but here are a few that are ok. I mainly used my Holga which gives quite nice photos with a whole load of vignetting which is fun, and it’s film, which is a novelty these days.

Hurst Castle

The Needles

Hurst Castle

The walk from Milford to Keyhaven is rather lovely too, lots of boats and birds to spot.

Hurst Spit


To Keyhaven

Hurst Castle is open all year round. You can get to it by walking along Hurst Spit starting in Milford, or you can catch the small ferry from Keyhaven. For information here

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