Enfield Town Park

What a wonderful, hot, busy month July has been. We have been out and about a lot this month, enjoying being outside and having lots of picnics. We’ve even had dinner in our local park a couple of times!

Dave and Betsy

I’ve taken a couple of detours on my way to work a few times this month. To St James Park:
St James Park

And walking through Trafalgar Square I failed to see the unveiling of the new fourth plinth as I had to hurry to the office for a meeting:
Fourth Plinth

Also in the centre of town, my folks and I went to the excellent David Bowie is exhibition at the V&A museum. (It’s on for another week and a bit, go and see it! You can’t get tickets online, but there are plenty for sale on the day in the museum, just be prepared to queue a bit). While me, mum and Dad were having a look round, Dave kept an eye on Betsy playing in the pool in the museum’s garden.


V&A pool


I took a trip to my parents for a weekend. We went to Highcliff beach one day, but mostly sat in the lovely garden.


My brother-in-law, Jam is a tree surgeon and did a little bit of work on the enormous eucalyptus tree:

And when I say a bit of work…

In my own garden, I seem to have oats growing (I’m assuming from dropped bird seed) and my squash has snuffed it. Sniff.



We’ve had days out galore! To Trent Park, the Cockfosters end this time, so I finally got to see the Wildlife Rescue Centre (which is lovely), a day picking fruit at our local pick your own farm (more on that soon, needless to say I bought far too much fruit and veg and have spent the last few nights panic jam making before everything goes off) and a great visit to Lee Valley Park Farm (again, post soon).

Trent Park

Pick Your Own

August won’t be slowing down. I have two weeks off work, one of which I’ll be doing a bit of a mooch around London while Betsy stays in nursery (also possibly doing quite a bit of sleeping) and another week down south spending time next to the sea and there’s plenty of other day trips planned too.

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