What do you mean we’re half way through July and I’m only putting up stuff from June? Oh, well, it’s too hot to type innit? I have a TON of posts to write, and I’ll get round to it eventually, but gosh, it’s hard to not do anything but sit and read with a cold drink nearby. (Since February I have been reading the Wheel of Time series. It’s good, but ye gods it’s long and I have just reached the halfway mark. Only seven more books to go!)

This month has been busy, busy! But a good, fun busy.

There’s been the odd bit of baking as usual, lots of time spent in the garden, a few days out and I’ve been talking about my boobs.

Baking assistant

round the garden

IMG_8691PicMonkey Collage

A trip to the lovely Coram’s Fields near Russell Square. I’ll do a proper post one day, maybe:
PicMonkey Collage




How’s that for a lunchtime view? I like where I work sometimes.

Last but not least, after 34 years, I finally have my own bicycle:


Isn’t it a beauty? It’s a shame I’m very, very wobbly on it. But this Saturday I’m having a free lesson (thanks Enfield council!) to learn how to drive it and more importantly how to stop it before I crash into oncoming traffic. Wish me luck!

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