Lee Valley Park Farm

You know when is a really good time to visit an attraction? Just after the schools go back after their summer break. Bonus points if heavy rain is forecast too. Which is how Betsy and I managed to have Lee Valley Park Farm to ourselves on Friday*.

Lee Valley Park Farm

It’s a very nice way to spend a few hours. We’ve been twice now (last Friday and earlier on in the summer. I used three pictures from the summer here, can you tell which ones?) and both times we have had plenty to look at and do. There is a slew of play areas for children of all ages including a giant inflatable pillow-thing (which we still haven’t been on. Next time!), a tractor ride to a dairy farm up the road during holiday times (Betsy loved this when we first went, best thing of the day for her) and of course, lots of farm animals to look at. You can even buy a bag of animal feed for £1.60 to give some of the critters a snack.

Feeding the animals

The best thing about having the feed though is that it brings all the animals much closer to you. While we were feeding the lovely and docile zebu (above) we heard quite the racket behind us, turned round and discovered the entire drove of pigs had broken through one of their fences to get to us. The sheep were the least nervous sheep I have ever seen and ran towards us like a horde of zombies.

wee piggies

Spitty thing

Shortly after taking the photo of this lama – and giving it some food I might add! – he spat at me leaving me covered in half eaten grass. Ungrateful sod.

The Girl Who Stared At Goats 01

The Girl Who Stared At Goats 02

Lee Valley Park Farm

There are also some super cute baby meerkats in residence too.


Just look at his little face!

Lee Valley Park Farm

Lee Valley Park Farm is open all year round. There’s a very reasonable cafe on site too with a lovely decking area overlooking the sheep’s field. As it’s part of Lee Valley, there are walks to and from the farms along with a bird hide and there are other attractions nearby like the Olympic White Water Centre and The Royal Gunpowder Mills.

*Oh alright, there were two other families there too. And the people who work there were around as well, we weren’t completely on our own, that would just be spooky. Or trespassing.

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