Hello! Happy Friday everyone!

The Travel Hack’s geothermal tour of Iceland. Oh my word! This tour looks amazing, and I really, really want to see Iceland again. It’s cool there (pun intended).

The circus! We visited the Olympic park in Stratford this week and saw No State Circus doing an open house. It was brilliant. They formed a big ring on the south lawn with all their equipment and vistors walked around watching different things (trying various things out too). Super fun.

I’ve been handling lots and lots of dusty old tapesb at work these past couple of weeks so I’ve been washing my hands a lot, which has been making them all dry and not terribly nice. Thanks to a recommendation I saw in The Pool, I’ve been using this hand cream and it’s been amazing. I know it says overnight, but I’ve been using it all day and it soaks in just lovely and my hands feel amazing. Plus it costs under a fiver for a tube. Bonus!
Little Loves | BakingBetsy

Do you remember Trev and Simon from Saturday morning TV? I do, very fondly. They’ve just created a podcast along with Sophie Aldred (she off of Dr Who and voice of Tree Fu Tom) called Strangeness In Space. It’s very silly indeed and very funny and it kept me entertained while on my long walk to the train station during the Tube strike. You can download it from here for free!

Strangeness In Spaaaaaaaaace

I’ve not been making a lot recently, I’ve been too busy mucking about with Lightroom, but I did make these rather nice fish cakes for dinner the other night. Mashed sweet potato, salmon, coriander, ginger, lemongrass and lime juice (if they were just for me, I would have put chili in there too) and panéd (ie, coated in flour, then egg and then breadcrumbs) in panko crumbs because I was feeling all Masterchef Australia. They were quite nice. Could have done with more seasoning.


And Lastly…
We are off to a farm shop (or as it’s described in the website “an authentic farm shop” which means what, exactly?) today. There’s apparently lots and lots of animals to see and softplay (so quite a bit more than a farm shop then…) and I’m meeting up with my NCT ladies. I’ve not seen them for months and months and two of them have had babies recently, so with a bit of luck I’ll get to cuddle a three week old! Ahh, I can’t wait!



  1. Love your little loves this week! I must hunt out that hand cream as working in a hospital means hands get washed a lot and are always looking sorry for themselves (plus making me look like I have aged 10 years!). What farm shop are you off to today? Sounds like a lovely day ahead 🙂

  2. I’m going to download that podcast for sure. I love Trev and Simon and Sophie was my fav Doc Who assistant when I was little 🙂

  3. Oooh, your fish cakes look absolutely delish!

    I hated Trevor & Simon…*sorry*! Sing yer pants, we don’t do duvets – I just found them so creepy!

  4. I really regret not going to Olympic Park before we left London (my husband was part of the design engineer team on it!). Love that hand-cream. I use it all the time when I’m working!those fish cakeslook divine! Enjoy your meet up with your NCT ladies, I miss mine so much, butte speak all the time, they weren’t backbone living in London without family! Have a great week xxxx

  5. I loved Trevor and Simon as a kid. Those Saturday morning sketches always had me rolling around with laughter. I’ll have to take a listen to that Podcast, thanks for the tip. xx

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