Well that was a rather warm week, wasn’t it?


This is a rather wonderful article about the various cats that have been adopted into various New York Times bureaus from around the world, it’s genuinely one of the nicest things I’ve read all week, giving me all the feels. Also this week I have been having a good flick through Elly Pear’s Let’s Eat. Everything looks good in this book, and the recipes are clever too with many of them building on from other recipes in the book. It’s really good inspiration, especially for mid week suppers and my work lunches.


World getting you down? News getting too much? This programme from BBC Four about the making of a kimono is a beautiful essay on how the iconic Japanese national dress is made. Every shot is stunning. It’s slow, but it is never boring. Zen telly. (I want to dye silk in the woods when I grow up)


It’s Glastonbury Festival this weekend which means I’m missing the west country like crazy. I’ve not been to that festival for six years, but I still feel the draw. Oh to be in that valley again! To help the cravings, I’ve been listening to Worthy FM, the radio station that broadcasts live from inside the festival site. It’s very eccelctic, but it’s a fab slice of what’s happening in Pilton and it makes me dream of sitting by a campfire listening to dub once again…


I made like a kick arse mofo and got myself promoted at work! I’m still doing the same job as I was before, but this upgrade has been a very long time coming and gosh it’s a relief to finally get it.
Another thing I made can’t be shown just yet. I announced another FUN CLUB taking place on the 22nd July (come on over!) and I have been working on a couple of crafts that we’ll be doing. They’re going to be so good!


Leggings cut into shorts because my big old thighs and this heat do not mix! Chafing ruins all the fun of summer, you guys. Although a friend of mine told me this week that a quick spray of dry shampoo sorts all of that out. Has anyone tried that? It sounds like a miracle!

And lastly…

We have a super busy weekend coming up. Friends coming over for our faux Glastonbury (we have a BBQ in the garden), school fete Sunday, possible wandering around fields and gin cocktail testing. Although I’ll probably end up just watching most of the Glastonbury coverage on the telly.

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  1. Firstly, congrats on your promotion! I absolutely love that article as someone who is very much a cat person- definitely warmed the cockles 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying your faux Glasto- I’ve been really enjoying the coverage on the telly this year #LittleLoves

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