It’s been a while! Let’s do this thing.


I think I mentioned I was reading The Essex Serpent months ago, but shortly after that, Arthur hid my book and I only found it recently. It was down the back of the toy kitchen. I have no idea why. Anyway, it was found just before our little holiday (lucky!) and I’m very much enjoying it, although I suspect it’ll be another few months before it actually gets finished.


Masterchef Australia is back! I don’t know if I even enjoy this show any more, but it’s still better than the UK version, the presenters are the uncles you’ve always wanted and the series is so long it’ll tide you over until Christmas.


Lots of things, god bless Spotify, 6Music and new Orbital material.


Betsy has been asking to make cupcakes for ages now, so while Art was in nursery, we made these cakes from BBC Good Food. Recommend that recipe – very simple and minimal ingredients, but the cakes turn out nicely.


I’m late to the sandal party with these, but I have utterly fallen in love with my Saltwaters. I don’t think there has been a day this summer where I haven’t worn them, and yes I have taken them into the sea and they’ve been fine! I’m getting weird tan marks on my feet though.

And lastly…

Rather brilliant message from Ionut Radulescu in this free download from Design Sponge. So true too!

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  1. I loved the Essex Serpent, I hope you manage to find some time to read it.
    The quote you’ve shared at the end is spot on, and one I’ve tried to live out this summer for sure xx

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