Well that was a nice week! I’m a bit warm though.


I’ve been working from home this week so no commute and no books and although there has been rather a lot of election reading (surprise! The Snap from the Guardian is a good daily read, by the way), but it is this poem from Maggie Smith that I keep going back to. I first saw it after someone posted it on Twitter shortly after the Manchester bombing and now I can’t get it out of my head. Really worth a read.


You know what I’ve watched this week? The kiddos playing and getting on and generally being a bit rad. It’s not all perfect (I can hear them screech at each other as I type), but it’s been a really big week for Arthur as he started nursery and Betsy has been nothing short of a rock for him. It was Betsy’s hand he held as he walked into the room for the first time, Betsy’s gentle encouragement to sooth him as he freaked out a little when he started his first full day. All the love for those two.


Still listening to Adam Buxton’s podcast which is ace, but this weekend I’m off to my first festival in six years, Field Day, so I’ve mostly been listening to artists on the line-up. I’m so excited!


The kiddos made these delightful looking cupcakes over the weekend, because after Arthur’s birthday, we definitely needed more cake. They were delicious! Betsy chose the recipe from the Hummingbird Cake Days book and they contained rose water. Will deffo be making more of those.


What I was hoping to show you this week was a new pair of sandles I’d ordered, but they’re so flipping small, we’re off to the shop today to exchange them (hopefully, if they have what I need). So disappointing! I’ve spent the week in my walking sandles which are trusty and comfy, but UGLY. No photo for you!

And lastly…

It’s looking to be a good weekend! Field Day is tomorrow (Aphex Twin is playing and I am SUPER EXCITED), relaxing day Sunday (I’m going to be a bit broken) and today we are going to have a bit of an adventure (right after I sort out my new sandles). Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Those cupcakes look absolutely amazing oh my goodness and decorating so beautiful. Ahhh sounds like she is the best big sister ever. It’s always amazing to see siblings share the love and support of little ones. B is the same with his sister I love watching them. Hooray for nursery going well and sister guiding him. Have a fab weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. Aww how lovely of Betsy to look after Arthur like that! Those cakes look amazing – I’m on a diet so am craving a sugar hit! Hope you have a great time at the festival! #littleloves

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