While in the library with Art the other day, I came across a book that looked rather interesting. Cats and witches? Hello! It’s like this book was made especially for me. Wildwitch: Wildfire follows the story of 12 year old Clara who is attacked by a cat and then through a series of events learns that she is a wild witch. It’s a book aimed at older children, but I really enjoyed it. It’s pure escapism and a fun adventure and I found myself wishing Betsy was a bit older so I could read it to her.


Caught Whiplash on Netflix the other day. Have you seen this film? It’s incredible. You find yourself SO TENSE throughput the whole film and JK Simmonds is so bloody good in it. It’s well worth a watch, I can’t recommend it enough.


Found myself listening to Elise Blaha’s conversation with Ali Edwards about their one little words for this year again. It’s really interesting to hear what others choose for their word of the year and I’ve been catching up with my OLW project this week (I take Ali’s One Little Word workshop) because I have also been doing…


…February’s OLW prompt is to practice something every day and I have chosen to practice my watercolour lettering this month. It’s a really nice thing to do, meditative and creative and the perfect thing to do sitting in front of the telly.


Red noses! They’re back! One of them is already broken since buying them! They’re the tribbles of the modern world – my house is going to be full of them by the time Red Nose Day comes around!

And lastly…

IT’S HALF TERM! I may have mentioned that before. I’m looking forward to it! I only do the school run twice a week, but I’m bloody exhausted. SO looking forward to mornings of taking it easy and not doing much. Hope you lot do too!

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  1. Wildwitch looks like the kind of novel I’d have adored as a tween. I’m so glad it’s half term too – Christmas seems like a long time ago. Hope you have a good week xx

  2. I hope you have been enjoying half term. We have loved the chilled out time together as a family. Kids have needed it. I haven’t heard of Whiplash will have to check it out. Thanks for recommending. We are huge Netflix watchers. Hope you had a good weekend just past. #littleloves

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