2014 is going to be a big year for us and it’s going to be important for me to record what happens. I’ve tried to do Project 365 a number of times in the past, but have only successfully completed it once – taking a photo a day for a year is hard work and the project becomes a chore after a while when it should be enjoyable. Living Arrows, curated by the I Heart Snapping team is a great project I can get my teeth into and seems achievable too. Once a week I’ll post a series of photos that are about the family, Betsy most of all, but Amazatron too once he or she is born. Make sure you click on the Living Arrows logo below to see what others are getting up to! (It’s supposed to be one portrait a week, but I’m a rebel, yeah! I also can never choose just one thing to show off, how can I choose one image to sum up the whole week? I can’t.)

The new year started with a very wet and muddy walk in Trent Park, but it was good to get some fresh air and enjoy a hot chocolate in the cafe afterwards

Through the Trees

Trent Park

The Boo’s most favourite thing in the whole wide world at the moment is to travel on the bus.


Betsy has fallen in love with The Snowman, so we had one final viewing before our decorations got taken down.


living arrows


  1. so gorgeous! My poppy cried the first time she watched the snowman. great to find you via the project x

  2. I love the contrast of her coat against the natural colours in the woods! Lovely. Thanks for joining in with Living Arrows! x

  3. Love the photos in the wood. So beautiful with the woods looks so dark and damp and then the pop of red colour.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Living Arrows. We don’t mind rebels one bit, no rules, include as many photos as you want!!! 😉 x

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