You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows

Living Arrows

We have all been ill this week, a nasty little vomiting bug that got Betsy first, then Arthur and then me and Dave by the end of the week, not fun at all. Poor old Art had it the worst, being ill for twice as long as anyone else. (I have to admit to rather selfishly liking the poorly cuddles I get though, Arthur on Wednesday night was so curled up on my chest it brought me back to the newborn days and it was so lovely)

Luckily we are all recovered and were well enough to celebrate Dave’s birthday, having a nice lunch out and visiting Whipsnade. No chance in being able to bake a birthday cake, so Dave has had to settle with a Colin the Caterpillar, which I don’t think anyone minded, really.

Living Arrows


  1. Glad all are on the mend now. I love the blowing the candles out photo – nice to get a shot with everyone focusing on the same task #livingarrows

  2. Aw, sorry you’ve all been poorly. My little one had a similar thing last weekend too. It’s horrible when they get sick isn’t it. Glad you all recovered in time to celebrate Dave’s birthday. I remember those caterpillar cakes – yum! Lovely photos. x

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