You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Khalil Gibran

At Whipsnade Zoo

We took a little trip to Whipsnade Zoo last Monday. It was the day after we put Ian to sleep and I needed fresh air and be away from the house for a bit. We’re still getting used to not having a cat around. I still feel surprise that a piece of food that has been left out hasn’t been eaten, it’s weird that we can leave the butter dish out (Ian used to regularly try to break into our butter dish), still glance at various spaces around the house expecting to see him all curled up asleep. For one heartbreaking split second yesterday while lying in bed, I stretched and thought I could feel his fur, only to realise it was a cuddly toy.

But Whipsnade. Always a joy to visit. To make the visit even more exciting, we saw the newborn giraffe. Not quite even two weeks old but already taller than me, she unsteadily walked around her enclosure while her mum kept her eye on her. Betsy proclaimed the baby was the cutest thing ever and could have happily stayed watching her all day, but I managed to peel her away to see the sealions (always a favourite) and the butterfly house.

At Whipsnade Zoo

At Whipsnade Zoo

And here’s last week’s Living Arrows photo:


This photo is far from good, but it is the last picture I have of both children and Ian together. Ian doing what he does, quietly not minding the kids as they chat and play and be quite noisy around him.

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  1. We absolutely love Whipsnade. That top photo is pretty amazing – and I love the last one for it;s poignant feel. We lost our boy cat suddenly last June and I still find it so hard. Sending love x

  2. *Hugs* sorry to read about Ian. Looks like you all had a lovely time at Whipsnade and the pictures are simply wonderful!xx #livingarrows

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